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SAFEST CONVERTIBLE CAR SEAT  operates websites. This is a review website with the prior aim of helping users have a better understanding of the product they are wanting to buy. Our Privacy page is meant to help you have an overview of how this website operates. What we will be needing from you when called for and every other information you need to know.

As these policies are bound to every user of, so also we are bound to it and will keep our word. Every information we collect are bound to the terms in this policy

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Log data are simple information collected by our website in order to help us understand our website performance and also understand your experience. This information helps us understand how best to optimize our site. “LOG DATA” includes; IP address, browser type and device, our web pages visited and how much time spent on each page.


When you happen to contact us or comment on our website, you are giving us the permission to reply, or reach you via the information you provide. Information could be your email, Skype or any other as provided.


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When using, you will happen to come across links the leads to other web property outside This external website is not bound to this disclaimer and you are solely responsible for visiting them, and so also do we in any way have right over their operations. It is advisable you read their term of operation before using their services.


As we continue to scale the services provided at, needs may arise for little change in our terms of operation, and we have every right to do so without your prior notice.

All new changes made will be updated on this page


Need more clarification or advice, please do contact us via our contact us page.